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  • Tried and True

    Speedy delivery and really tasty food as per usual!placed by Anonymous on the 8th September 2020
  • Always excellent

    Quick delivery, good value, same as always!placed by Elaine on the 27th January 2020
  • Take away Food

    Came in the restaurant at 10.30 27.11.10 ordered a takeaway and no-one in the establishment..ordered a chicken biriyani which was quite expensive,,got home and ate the takeaway and i must say this was the worst meal i have ever had from a Bangladeshi takeaway cause thats what the majority of indian restaurants meal of biriyani consisted of rice and boiled chicken which was disgusting i would not recommend this place to anyone..its awful and the food leaves a lot to be desiredplaced by Anonymous on the 28th November 2019
  • horrible food gave me the runs most of the night

    Horrible foodplaced by Winifred on the 15th December 2018
  • Nice Sunday evening treat

    Ordered a Delivery which arrived much earlier than time slot suggested. Food was nice and hot and tasty. The only thing wrong was we got sag paneer instead of sag aloo . But on the plus side we had a couple of popadoms and a sauce that we didn't order so that was a bonus. placed by Raymond on the 29th October 2018
  • Not sure of their own offers

    Good food but very poor customer service. Through no fault of our own the deal advertised was no longer honoured by the restaurant despite them agreeing as we walked in. Only told once we were eating. Used this restaurant for 10 years but no longer. Contacted to discuss but not taken into account. Better establishments in the areaplaced by Lee on the 21st October 2018
  • Nice Sunday night treat.

    Order was on time and hot and very tasty. Great service.placed by Raymond on the 3rd September 2018
  • Lovely Sunday evening delivery

    It was a nice change to just chill out and have a nice delivery on a Sunday evening. Didn't order much but what we did order was delicious and hot and on time so can't fault the service.placed by Raymond on the 30th August 2018
  • Food

    Food nowhere like what it used to be very blandplaced by Claire on the 1st August 2018
  • Very prompt service

    Food was delivered hot and well earlier than the timeslot suggested. The food was as good as usual as we often eat in the restaurant. It was the first time I had actually had food delivered from there and it lived up to expectations. The only thing wrong was that once we had submitted our order and it had gone through we remembered we wanted one of their nice sauces so I put it in the comments box saying could we add it to our order but it wasn't there when we got the delivery, however there was some Bombay potatoes that we didn't order so it was either a mistake or an extra, either way they were very nice. Excellent service.placed by Raymond on the 16th July 2018
  • Excellent service...

    Food delivered piping hot and well before the estimated delivery slot...placed by Bob on the 2nd July 2018
  • Tough meat

    Ate in about a month ago and had a take away two weeks ago-both times food was extremely good.But tonight had take away- Chicken dish was lovely but Lamb Tikka Bhuna was so tough it spoilt the meal. Very disappointed this time!!placed by STEVEN on the 10th May 2018
  • Best curry house in southend

    Lovely quality Indian, not a bad price, only issue I had was missing naan bread placed by Jon on the 9th May 2018
  • Delicious Meal

    Tasty takeaway and generous portions. We’ll be back.placed by Matthew on the 3rd March 2018
  • Always Good

    Mamataz Mahal never disappoints - Eat In, delivery or take away. Extremely tasty. Good value. Delivered quickley.placed by Lorraine on the 16th February 2018
  • Big delivery

    Very happy arrived in time and was delicious 10/10placed by Glen on the 14th December 2017
  • Excellent

    The food was lovely and was delivered very quickly.placed by Louise on the 24th August 2017
  • Value (good portions).tasty,efficient delivery (well within time qouted)

    Will use again. placed by katie on the 20th May 2017
  • too much oil and tough meat

    the food arrived in a bag that was swimming in oil where something had leaked . When dishing up the food the amount of oil in the dishes was astounding. The meat in the bhuna was very tough and I wasn't able to eat it . I heard good reviews about this place so I was really disappointed . The oil was the most I have ever seen used by an Indian restaurant. The bombay potatoes was enjoyable so was the onion baji the rest however was not . placed by charlotte on the 22nd April 2017
  • Good - will use again

    Ordering online was great, and food was only 10 minutes late in delivery (not a problem, as it was peak time). We enjoyed the food (but over-ordered as usual!). Think this will be our new Indian takeaway of choice from now on.placed by Graeme on the 14th April 2017
  • Excellent

    Really like this takeaway. Seems to be better these days.placed by Dan on the 2nd July 2015
  • Wrong address but decent food

    Unfortunately they went to the wrong address so always makes you think dinner will be cold. Eventually got to us and was nice.placed by Dan on the 4th October 2014